Taking Care of your boat from the deck Up

Splicing & Running Rigging

Sailor’s Nautical Services offers comprehensive splicing services, working with any material, construction, and size. If it involves line, we will find a safe and practical solution. 

If you need an idea or want to run one past a professional, give us a call: (912) 507-1939

Anchor & Mooring Solutions:

  • Chain to rope splices with 3-strand, 8-strand, and double braided lines.
  • Eyesplices and chafe gear for mooring lines, snubbers, and anchor bridles (catamarans).

Running Rigging:

  • Tapered sheets and Halyards
  • Traveler control lines and mainsheet systems
  • Boom vang and backstay adjusters
  • Cunningham systems and jib lead systems

Lazy Jacks:

  • Custom made Lazy Jacks, including installation
  • Traditional or in combination with Stack-pack style sail covers

Lifting and Towing Bridles:

  • For cranes or davits
  • Fiber crane cables

Safety Systems:

  • Jacklines
  • Tethers
  • Overboard recovery systems

Traditional and Decorative Ropework:

  • Ringbolt hitching
  • Coach whipping
  • Bell ropes
  • Heaving lines (monkey fist)
  • Porch swings
  • Handrails on docks
  • Walkways